Hi, my name is Manlo Ngai, a multidisciplinary designer based in Orange County, California. InfoRemix.com hosts as a creative playground to show my work and visual art. I am a forward-thinking, data-driven designer with a growth mindset. My experience includes visual, interaction, UI, UX, product, branding, business strategy, and marketing. I work with clients from agencies, startups to the world’s most relevant brands, including HBO, FX Network, Hallmark, HTC, MTV, Machinima, and Zynga. I have had the extreme privilege to collaborate with the best who help each other to raise their games. When I am not in front of the computer…My hobbies bounce from sustainable livingAR/VR, cooking,3D printing, game design to AI technology. You can connect me on Twitter Linkedin Dribbble

Design Process

My view includes working in a start-up and a large corporation, but usually in an agile environment. I describe the term of users and customers depends on the stage of the business.

Research & Discovery //

  • Frame the problem. What’s the market potential, competitor analysis, understanding of your customers.
  • Is your product solving the right problem? A hair on fire problem? A vitamin or painkiller?
  • Empathize and listen to users’ struggle, gather key insights from diverse perspectives.

Definition //

  • Define use-cases and user flow. Who is for, why is it matter?
  • Identify pain points, uncover the “jobs-to-be-done”
  • Understanding the ‘why’ behind user needs, wants and different touch points in the customer’s journey.
  • Define the OKRs or metric that matter to the business early

Design //

  • Generate LOTS of ideas from various angles and refining to the essential few solutions.
  • Sketch on paper, whiteboard, or digital mocks for specifications (principles, guidelines, colors, typography, iconography)
  • Make it look good! Think of various layouts, UI and interaction to provide the desired experience.
  • Get buy-in across your group and involve with stakeholders into the design process early.

Prototype //

  • I am proud of my rapid hi-fi comps to help visualize what the team is thinking and bring people to decision faster. As for the digital product, it’s even better to make an interactive workflow and get early feedback before user testing.
  • Involve engineers early to see what’s possible with the latest trends and practices.

Test & Learn //

  • Keep learning and use data/evidence to guide to the next iteration.
  • Synthesize the feedback, a post-mortem to evaluate results and share learnings across the team.
  • Is it easy to use for the end user? Does it provide the desired solution to user’s problems?
Make decisions with 70% of the information you wish you had. ~ Jeff Bezos
If you’re not embarrassed by the 1st version of your product, you’ve launched too late ~ Reid Hoffman

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