Fruit ARtist

Fruit ARtist is an exciting Augmented Reality puzzle game featuring a growing library of your favorite fruits! Our game gives life to food in this realistic puzzle game that can help you to build cognitive and 3D spacial memory.

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Just a tap, users can set the plate by using ARkit to recognize a flat surface. 

There are 20 puzzles in this map, and the difficulty level will increase as it progress. Within 30 days, we launched this prototype and get some feedback from users. 

User testing

The general feedback is positive users and we collect some feedback for the next iteration. 1) The ring mechanism needs to refine so the objects will be easier to be snapped into position in the more difficult level. 2) Encourage players to use surrounding environments to play instead of using the UI when space is available to them. 3) Introduce Creator mode – Users can use items from the food library to make their own puzzle or food art. They can share with other users, rank and play other’s creation.