Reinventing the wheel

A cover design parody for The Economist magazine which I admire. We know the future of car will be driverless, but what about wheeless? The harm from fossil fuel is undeniable, but we also cannot ignore the tire pollution. In the United States alone, there are more than two billion used tires, which enough to stack halfway to the moon!

9 months ago, there was an indiegogo campaign with the invention of solar roadways, it can absorb solar energy and wirelessly charge your EV vehicle when traveling. With all roads as your energy provider, the freeway is finally free of charge at last.

Now, imagine the love child of Hendo hoverboard concept and Quantum Levitation, which transform into the a wheeless vehicles of the future. Without friction from the tires and the road, it will save energy, provide a quiet smooth riding experience, and save lots of resources. 

*United States spends about 2% of the gross domestic product on infrastructure. China, India and Europe spend about 9%, 8% and 5% of GDP, respectively, on infrastructure. Government initiated infrastructure improvements tend to be very slow which is at the cost of huge potential in a green economy. Entrepreneurs and inventors should see the opportunities to solve big problem and help to create a cleaner, better world.