Zynga Slots

Overview: A popular RPG-style slot game in Facebook. Players not only spin to win, but they can upgrade their pet with special weapons and beat the boss at the end of each theme.

My role: To design the UI, and visual design. As part of the design processes, I connected all the wireframes as a visual workflow that represents the framework of the mobile game, and communicate the scope and the process of the development for the team.

Challenge: To design with smaller space and translate the same game experience for various ratio and mobile devices.  

I think we could improve on the swipe to spin action by allowing swipe down in the reel area and get that lever-pulling sound that people love in Vegas.

Use Case:
User sits down on the couch and holds the iPad in their lap w/ the left hand supporting. In this case, I feel like the lower right is the easiest place to tap repeatedly on SPIN. Most slots games (including those in casinos) place SPIN on bottom right, and reaching across the tablet does not seem optimal for repeated, long term play.

Game Space redraft summary:
– Allowing for larger reels
– moves SPIN in what might be the most comfortable / native position
– reduces chat to toggled overlay
– reduces Adventure Area height a tiny bit.
– Players liked the large reel area, large spin button, and game board that is full screen and edge-to-edge of the device, especially considering the target audience (older females).

Stakeholders decide to consolidate all Zynga slot game into a single interface and game mechanic. I rebrand to Zynga Slot and here are 4 different logo design for the new direction.


To reduce the development time. We use COCOS2D-X to translate Flash technology and omit the adventure area for the launch.

Results: Design with landscape and maximize the reel area and add “hold to auto spin” to user option to rest and enjoy the game.